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Arnstrøm wanted a complete re-design of their website, focusing on a more exclusive and modern browsing experience. Arnstrøm also wished to streamline their design more efficiently towards their demographic, setting themselves apart from the rest of their competitors.

In combination with a complete website overhaul, Arnstrøm wanted to expose their service and products to a larger customer base by increasing the inflow of high-quality leads. Furthermore, they needed help with the production of engaging and informative video content for online marketing as well as management of their social media accounts.

Empowering Renewable Energy Solutions with a Dynamic Solar Cell Website

We were thrilled to embark on an exciting journey that aimed at helping our client Arnstrøm, establish a strong online presence. As a leading provider of innovative solar cell solutions, Arnstrøm is dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices. Our goal for this project was to design and develop a compelling website that not only showcased Arnstrøm’s solar cell products but also educated and engaged visitors, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for renewable energy solutions.

Our team of designers, developers, and content strategists have been collaborating closely with Arnstrøm to create a bespoke website that effectively communicates their brand message and facilitates seamless interaction with customers. We employed a clean, modern design aesthetic that reflects Arnstrøm’s commitment to sustainability. By incorporating captivating visuals and an intuitive layout, we created an immersive browsing experience that engages potential customers and conveys the benefits and potential of solar cell technology.

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Focus on User Experience and Design

Understanding the target audience’s needs and preferences was paramount in this project. Through comprehensive user research, we identified key points and designed intuitive user journeys to provide a smooth and engaging browsing experience. We prioritized information accessibility, highlighted the unique features of Arnstrøm’s products and services, and facilitated easy navigation throughout the website. 

Responsive Web Development

Our skilled team have transformed the design and content into a functional and responsive website that works seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. By employing the latest web technologies and adhering to best practices, we ensured an optimal performance, fast load time, and a user-friendly interface. We also integrated lead capture forms and effective call-to-action elements to encourage visitors to inquire about Arnstrøm’s products.

Product Showcase

We created dedicated sections to showcase Arnstrøm’s diverse range of solar cell products and their applications. Each product page is designed to provide detailed specifications, visually appealing product images, and comprehensive information to assist potential customers in making informed decisions. Additionally, we incorporated visually attractive elements such as product comparisons and a 360-degree house showcasing feature to enhance engagement.

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