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Year 2022



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At Colombi Creations, we take pride in collaborating with businesses to bring their visions to life through captivating content, stunning visuals, and impeccable design. Our recent partnership with DJC Hair, a premier hairdressing company, exemplifies our dedication to delivering digital solutions that make an impact.

DJC Hair, known for their exceptional hairstyling services and customer care, approached us to revamp their online presence and elevate their brand identity. DJC Hair desired a website and multimedia content that mirrored their sophistication and expertise.

Amplifying DJC Hair's brand Through Content Production

We believe that every frame tells a story, and every image has the power to evoke emotions. When partnering with DJC Hair, our commitment to excellence extended beyond web design. We harnessed the potential of visual content – encompassing videos and pictures – to craft a compelling narrative that showcased DJC Hair’s expertise and elegance. Our skilled videographers captured the artistry that sets the brand apart in the realm of hairdressing. Through meticulously planned and executed videos, we documented the transformational journey each client embarks on when they step into the salon. These videos offer a look at the skills, precision, and creativity that DJC Hair pours into their work. Whether it’s a stylist’s hands crafting a masterpiece or the dynamic energy of the salon, the videos were created to bring DJC Hair’s story to life, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Focus on User Experience and Design

A website is more than just an online platform – it’s a digital extension of a brand’s identity and values. When partnering with DJC Hair, our team of skilled designers and strategists set out to create a web design that successfully blended aesthetics, functionality, and brand essence. Understanding the user journey was pivotal in shaping the website’s layout. We strategically organized the content, placing the most sought-after services front and center. This intuitive layout ensured that visitors could effortlessly find the information they were seeking, enhancing the overall user experience.

Product Showcase

Our team crafted a visually captivating product showcase on the website, highlighting examples of DJC Hair’s before-and-after hair transformations. This allowed potential clients to see the quality of their work and the variety of services offered. Additionally, we integrated user-friendly call-to-action buttons strategically throughout the website, making it effortless for visitors to book appointments, contact the salon, or navigate to essential sections of the site.

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