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As a newcomer to the scene of luxury furniture, Shielding Spaces wanted to establish their brand as synonymous with uniqueness, comfort and uncompromising quality. We embarked on a transformative journey, completely redesigning their website to showcase not only the stunning furniture but also the customizability and craftsmanship behind it. 

Key focus points were creating a website that would immerse users in a more clean and luxurious experience – letting the energetic and colourful images of the furniture speak for themselves. Additionally, we crafted a strategic online marketing plan aimed at building brand recognition, increasing awareness, and generating valuable leads – the blueprint of long-term success.

Unveiling an online world of luxury & craftsmanship

In the realm of online marketing, we embarked on a multifaceted strategy. Our focus was two-fold: brand awareness and lead generation. We utilized paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to introduce Shielding Spaces to a broad audience, casting a wide net to attract potential customers. Simultaneously, we employed email marketing campaigns to nurture these leads, transforming them into customers over time.

Our lead generation efforts were instrumental in capturing emails from potential buyers, as well as prospects who might require more time before making a purchase decision. These email lists formed the cornerstone of our email marketing strategy, enabling us to curate tailored content that resonated with each segment of Shielding Spaces’ audience.

Enhancing digital growth on Instagram

To enhance Shielding Spaces’ online presence, we took charge of their official Instagram account. Our objective was to imbue it with a more polished, sophisticated feel. Leveraging existing imagery provided by the client, we meticulously curated posts, ensuring each one reflected the essence of luxury and quality that Shielding Spaces stood for. See some of the results from the case below.

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A site that enhances the personality of the furniture

The intention with the website was for it to function as an online gallery that not only modernized the user experience but also conveyed the essence of luxury and individuality that defines Shielding Spaces’ offerings. With this in mind, our team created a digital framework that works to mirror Shielding Spaces’ true character. The result was an immersive digital catalogue that invites visitors to explore, connect, and discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and customization options that define the uniqueness of the furniture. The website got a 95/100 pagespeed score and 100/100 for optimal solutions in Googles pagespeed insights.


“High level of creativity, great professionalism and easy to work with. We have experienced the collaboration with Colombi Creations as both developing, inspiring and incredibly smooth. Deadlines are met, communication flows smoothly, and there is full transparency in relation to budget and spend. At the same time, they have invested time in understanding our business and have been enthusiastic about our products and services. They have succeeded in transferring that enthusiasm into an online universe, where it spreads like ripples in water. We’re probably not a big customer at Colombi Creations, but we’ve always felt like an important customer from start to finish.”

Elize Dimare, Partner Shielding Spaces

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